Argo Arctic and Baltic Users Workshop


  • LocationSopot, Poland
  • HostInstitute of Oceanology, PAN, Sopot, Poland

The Workshop was canceled. New dates and venue will be announced as soon as possible.

Scope of the workshop

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The agenda of the workshop will focus on the following topics:

- Baltic Argo activities
- Arctic Argo activites
- International collaboration in both regions
- Operating Argo floats in shallow waters
- Operating Argo floats in seasonally ice-covered sea
- Recovering Argo floats
- Sensors for core missions
- Biogeochemical sensors
- Quality Control
- Where to find the data and how to use it
- Legal aspects of using Argo floats in exclusive economic zones


Waldemar Walczowski

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Malgorzata Merchel

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