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2nd Baltic Earth Conference
The Baltic Sea Region in Transition
Helsingor, Denmark
11 - 15 June 2018






Travel Infos Helsingør here...


Demark is a safe and easy country to travel. Almost everybody speaks English. Currency is the Danish Krone (DKK). 1 DKK = 0,13 €.

The weather in June can vary from a cool, rainy and windy 15° C or less, to a sunny and hot over 30°. So be prepared for the whole range.

To Copenhagen and Helsingør

Copenhagen Airport is the major hub for Northern Europe.

Helsingør is located just 50 km north of Copenhagen. Between Helsingør and Copenhagen, trains operate every 20 minutes. The Scandlines car ferry line between Helsingør and Helsingborg on the Swedish side is the busiest in the world with more than 70 departures in each direction every day. The E47 Motorway towards Copenhagen begins just outside the city limits. The town and surrounding areas also has a network of local and regional buses and trains.

From Copenhagen Airport (CPH) to Helsingør, you can take the "Öresundståg" or regional train.
From Copenhagen Central Station (Copenhagen H), take the regional train to Helsingør.
In each case, get off at "Helsingør St."

From Helsingør train station (Helsingor St.) to Konventum

From "Helsingør St.", take the Bus 803, direction "Hellebo Park". Get off at the terminal stop at Hellebo Park. From there it is just a 5 min walk to the Konventum. On weekdays, the 803 leaves Helsingør Station every 30 min; on Sundays, it runs every hour at 10 min past (10:10, 11:10, etc.). There are also other buses but the 803 is the most convenient.

Öresundståg train from CHP Airport to Helsingør...

Danish Railways (DSL) with regional buses...

Google Maps...

You can buy tickets online, or at the counters/vending machines, or on the bus with the driver. The total fare from Copenhagen to the Konventum is about 110 DKK (14 €).

By car from Copenhagen, it takes takes around 50 minutes via E47. GPS destination is " Gl. Hellebækvej 70, Helsingør, Denmark"


We recommend to book a room at the Konventum Conference Centre. A contingent of convenient and comfortable single and double rooms have been reserved and should be booked directly via the NemTilmeld registration form which is available through the registration page registration page.

A limited number of rooms has been reserved at the beautifully located hostel, with very low rates (2 to 4 beds per room):

Danhostel Helsingør
Nordre Strandvej 24
3000 Helsingør
+45 4 28 4949

Helsingør Camping
(to Konventum 2km by walking, a bus is available)
Michael og Lotte Hansen
Strandalleen 2
3000 Helsingør
+45 49 28 49 50

Nyrup Camping
(to Konventum ~20 min by car, public transport available)
Kongevejen 383
3490 Kvistgård
+45 49139103
Email: info@nyrupcamping.dk

Numerous other accomodation is available in Helsingør through the usual booking portals. Accomodation must be payed individually by participants and is not part of the conference fee.



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