4th Baltic Earth Conference - 1st Announcement out!


Hel Jastarnia Beach1

Announcing the 4th Baltic Earth Conference!

30 May-3 June 2022, Jastarnia, Hel Penisula, Poland

The completion of the Baltic Earth Assessment Reports (BEAR) marks the termination of the first phase, nine years after the launch of Baltic Earth. The BEARs provide a retrospect of Baltic Earth related research, current knowledge and knowledge gaps, and wrap up Baltic Earth activities.
The conference will cover the topics of the Baltic Earth Assessment Reports (BEAR), which reflect the majority of Grand Challenges and research themes of Baltic Earth over the past nine years. Conference participants will present their research around these topics and are invited to discuss both Baltic Earth achievements and the way forward. The conference is intended as discussion forum for scientists, students, managers and other stakeholders.

A dedicated call for papers will be issued in autumn. In the meantime, please mark this event in your calendar!