Nobel prize for pioneering work on climate modelling


Klaus Hasselmann
Klaus Hasselmann (Photo: MPI-M)

This year´s nobel prize for physics goes to two outstanding climate modelers, Syukuro Manabe and Klaus Hasselmann. In fact these two have laid the basics of today´s understanding of our climate system. Manabe´s work really started the development of current climate models, already in the 1960´s. Hasselmann, who had been at Max-Planck Institute of Meteorology in Hamburg, was the first to show that human activties are in fact changing the Earth´s climate.

Our current regional climate and impact models for the Baltic Sea region and elsewhere are based on the work of these pioneers!

The two share the Nobel Prize with Giorgio Parisi, who received the award for important contributions to the theory of complex systems. We congratulate the prize winners!