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Celsius Symposium

Celsius Symposium, 12 January 2022, 13 - 16:30, Uppsala University, Sweden

"Centigrade" is the scale, Anders Celsius the scientist behind it. But ...

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NEWS Klaus Hasselmann

Nobel prize for pioneering work on climate modelling

This year´s nobel prize for physics goes to two outstanding climate modelers, Syukuro Manabe and Klaus Hasselmann. In fact these two have laid the basics of ...

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Hydrometeorology in Belarus: New article in Oxford Research Encyclopedia

The Oxford Research Encyclopedia (ORE) provide collections of peer reviewed overview articles on selected science topics. The section “ORE Climate” ...

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Baltic Sea Climate Change Fact Sheet 2021 published

HELCOM and Baltic Earth are inviting press representatives and professionals to attend the media launch of the Baltic Sea Climate Change Fact Sheet on 3 ...

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NEWS Kurt Buch (1881-1967)

On the history of marine carbon system research

A new paper by Bernd Schneider and Wolfgang Matthäus in the Marine Science Reports of IOW gives a very nice overview over the history of marine CO2 research. ...

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First BEAR report published

As the first of ten BEAR reports to be published in a Special Issue in Earth System Dynamics (ESD), the review by Weisse et al. on "Sea level dynamics and ...

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Baltic Sea Science Congress 2021: Registration now open

The BSSC 2021 will be held on place in Aarhus on 18-22 October, 2021. The Registration and Abstract Submission is now open.

List of keynote speakers: ...

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NEWS Christan Dieterich

Christian Dieterich deceased

With deep regret we inform the Baltic Earth community that Christian Dieterich (1964-2021) deceased. Christian was senior scientist at the Research and ...

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4th Baltic Earth Conference - 1st Announcement out!

Announcing the 4th Baltic Earth Conference!

30 May-3 June 2022, Jastarnia, Hel Penisula, Poland

The completion of the Baltic Earth Assessment Reports (BEAR) ...

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NEWS The Helsingør Castle, Denmark

"The Baltic Sea in Transition" as e-book

The "Frontiers in Earth Science" Research Project based on contributions to the 2nd Baltic Earth Conference, 2018 in Helsingør, Denmark, 11 to 15 ...

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