Baltic Earth Working Group on Education

Background and objective

The introduction and education of a new generation of Earth system scientists is a crucial part of the network. This is important for the promotion of scientific progress in the Baltic Sea region and beyond, and to broaden the arena of scientific discussion, but also for the maintenance and vitalisation of the network.

Summer schools of 1-2 weeks duration are organised regularly with foci on regional climate research related the Baltic Sea region. Schools are open for undergraduate and graduate students, and young scientists active in the Baltic Sea region, or from outside the region, but also with interest in the focus of the specific school.

Specific seminars and conference sessions at conferences shall also provide a platform for young scientists to help them grow into the scientific world, but also allow a new and fresh perspective for the established scientific community.

Description of tasks

It is the primary task of this WG to organize educational events like summer schools and conference sessions and workshops for young scientists. Baltic Earth Summer Schools have been conducted from 2015 onwards on the Swedish island of Askö, with two courses held in Estonia (Tartu/Vilsandi and Tartu/Voru). Since 2019, a dedicated Winter School is scheduled to place every March in Warnemünde, Germany. Various lecturers from different disciplines and locations take part in the schools, providing a wide range of expertise. The series will be continued and developed further.
Baltic Earth Summer and Winter Schools

Members of the Working Group on Education

Piia Post (Chair) University of Tartu,
Markus Meier (vice)Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde, IOW, Germanymarkus.meier(at)
Marcus ReckermannIBES, Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, Germanymarcus.reckermann(at)