Baltic Earth Working Group on the "Baltic Sea Model Intercomparison Project (BMIP)"

Baltic Sea Model Intercomparison Project (BMIP)

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Proceeding from the 2nd Baltic Earth Conference in Helsingør in June 2018 the Baltic Earth project BMIP (Baltic Sea Model Intercomparison Project) has been initiated which aims at an assessment of the performance of different regional climate models in the Baltic Sea. The focus of the investigations will be on hydrographic conditions, the mean and overturning circulation as well as on selected processes like for instance salt water inflows, mixed layer depth, ice formation and upwelling events. The planned coordinated experiments will give insights into the long-term variability and basin-wide significance of conditions and processes and are a continuation of the work by Placke et al. (2018) which was presented on the 2nd Baltic Earth Conference. While their findings aimed at statistical evaluations between different model simulations and observational data in the frame of uncoordinated experiments, the envisaged extended study will be performed with uncoupled hindcast model runs using the same atmospheric forcing and river runoff.

Currently collaborations are planned between research groups from IOW (contributing with models like GETM and MOM), HZG (with ECOSMO and SCHISM), University of Hamburg (with BNSC data), SMHI (with NEMO), DMI (with HBM), and BSH. Further participants are cordially invited. A first one-day kickoff meeting will take place at IOW on 22 November 2018, 10:00-17:00.

Gröger M, Placke M, Meier HEM, Börgel F, Brunnabend S-E, Dutheil C, Gräwe U, Hierony-mus M, Neumann T, Radtke H, Schimanke S, Su J, Väli G, 2022: The Baltic Sea Model In-tercomparison Project (BMIP) – a platform for model development, evaluation, and un-certainty assessment. Geosci Model Dev 15:8613–8638,

Placke, M., Meier, H.E.M., Gräwe, U., Neumann, T., Frauen, C., and Liu, Y. (2018). Long-term mean circulation of the Baltic Sea as represented by various ocean circulation models. Front. Mar. Sci. 5:287, doi:10.3389/fmars.2018.00287

2nd Baltic Model Intercomparison (BMIP) Workshop, 9 April 2021
Kickoff meeting of BMIP on 22 November 2018

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